warm as tea

This past week has been quite eventful. After resolving to apply for jobs beyond the realms of standard teaching, I was granted an interview for an English teacher position with a local University. This afternoon I attended the second interview and I’m feeling hopeful and excited. If granted, the job will enable me to flex my teaching muscles while also leaving time for my own writing projects. So please, cross your fingers for me!

Things are really getting good. I am happy and very tired; a weekend of interview preparation is quite exhausting. Instead of stretching this out, I’ll leave you with a little poem that is indicative of my warm and fuzzy mood. If you like it, click on the link beneath the banner above connect through to some more pieces. Much love, x



what if our teabags were to join forces?
imagine – one giant zip locked bag
FILLED with teabags! just waiting for us
to get that jug boiling. logistically,
it’d mean sharing a kitchen (to make
joint access easier). i guess
it would make sense then
if we shared the rest
of the house


then there would be STACKS of stuffs
we could combine! imagine all the soap!
think how many spoons we’d have! forks! knives!
books! pens! socks! pillow cases!
gosh – look what the teabags have started.
they really are a hot headed bunch.
still. we do like our cups of tea.
so. bring your teabags over.
move in


7 thoughts on “warm as tea

  1. Fingers crossed and hoping this pans out for you; sounds ideal! I’ve missed your posts. Just wrote 2 posts on teaching/kids today, etc… I imagine it’s bigger and brighter at the University level though. How I would have loved to have writing teacher like you. 😉 Bet of luck Michelle.

    • I got the job! I’m feeling quite elated at the moment! : ) I think this position will bring teaching into an entirely new dimension and I’m such looking forward to it!

      I read your posts about teaching and I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly. Unfortunately teachers no longer have any control in the classroom. Any authority we have has to come from respect earned over time, and unfortunately not all teachers are charismatic/ funny/ intelligent/ organised/ etc enough to earn the respect necessary for successful teaching and learning to take place. The result is a lot of kids being disadvantaged and a lot of teachers with the best of intentions having a terrible time in the classroom. : (

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